Wild Boar 70.3 & OLYMPIC triathlon

The WIld Boar Triathlon returns for 2022 in a new location - the National Diving & Activity Centre in Chepstow! Featuring a beautiful lake for your open water swim, there is a cafe + bar on site and changing facilities (why not book a go on the zipwire too?)

A swim in the deepest swim quarry in the UK

A beautiful bike route around the Forest of Dean and an amazing run through the newly opened disused railway tunnel all on the firetrack cycle route


Olympic (Wild Boar)   1500m Swim 45k Bike 10.5k Run  £50

Middle Distance (Wild Boar 70.3)  1900m Swim 90k Bike 21k Run  £70


It is a tough event with an incredible open water swim, very scenic bike & run routes, and safe transitions.


Event details and schedule:

Races will start at 8.00am  Swim will be a rolling start with your time starting as you enter the water


Please arrive an hour before your start time or register on Saturday between 12-6pm


It will be a wetsuit mandatory swim but you will be notified if this changes

It is advisable to leave a pair of trainers at swim exit for your run up to T1 

Wild Boar Run.jpg

Registration will open at 6.30am and will remain open until 7.45 when briefing will take place at swim entry.
You will receive race chip to be worn on left ankle, a number for your bike & helmet & a race number for bike & run, a coloured swim hat. Once you have registered you can proceed to T1 to rack your bike and place your bike & run items. Boxes & bags are permitted in transition area. ONLY ATHLETES are permitted in TRANSITION AREA

The Re

Wear a pair of trainers and leave at swim exit for the run to T1
It is likely to be a WETSUIT ONLY SWIM
Swim will be a rolling swim start in small groups. Your time will start on entry to water.
The swim will involve 1 or 2 Australian exits (up steps onto pontoon & re-enter water)  once for Olympic twice for 70.3
Check the swim route above changing view to satellite to view swim exits
Water safety team will be in the water and on the jetty. If you are in difficulty roll onto your back and wave hands for help.


Wild Boar Layout.png

BIKE - Its a left turn only route
Bikes are to be walked or run to the entrance gate of NDAC where you can mount and turn left onto A48 - This is a busy road so please check and stay close to curb. Stay on A48 to Lydney take 1st exit on roundabout to Lydney then TURN LEFT at Tesco's.  There may be some roadworks and temp lights on the route but we will put these into dead zones so time spent in these zones will be removed from race times. DO NOT JUMP LIGHTS or you will be DQ'd. 
The route ends with an out and back to Beachley with a turnaround timing check point. 
If you are doing 70.3 then the bike is 2 LAPS. Do not turn into Dive Centre but continue on lap 2.
The AID STATION is in layby on the left just before return to Dive Centre.... pull into layby to swap drink bottles for water or High5 energy - this aid station is for 70.3 riders only.
Bike Dismount is at the entrance gate of Dive Centre and bikes must be pushed up to transition.


RUN - 
Run exit is left out of Transition on cycle track then onto country lane to turnaround point and back past transition and aid station. Continue on cycle path to Tiddenham Tunnel.... RUNNERS MUST STAY LEFT IN THE TUNNEL except overtaking.   TOP TIP ..... Wear sunglasses for the run and then remove in tunnel for improved vision.  Lighting in the tunnel is low level for conservation.  Exit tunnel after 1km and continue on cycle path to turnaround and then back. 
AID STATION is at start of run, then 4k, 10k, 14.5k, finish 
70.3 runners will do 2 laps 


Wild Boar Run.jpg